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  • Responsibilities
  • Aufgaben


The nature park’s responsibilities include:

  • Consistent development and maintenance of the area in accordance with the principles and aims of spatial and regional planning, taking into consideration the needs of nature preservation  and landscape conservation as well as the need for recreation;
  • Preservation, safeguarding and development of the landscape’s recreational value through sustainable tourism;
  • Safeguarding and restoring the viability of the area’s ecosystem and natural assets, particularly in Protection Zones I and II;
  • Creating biotope networks;
  • Maintaining and supporting existing populations of species that are endangered and at risk of extinction;
  • Maintaining and restoring the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of the component landscapes and their natural geographic appearance;
  • Preserving, promoting and developing the historical settlement and commercial patterns;
  • Safeguarding and enhancing the local population’s environmental and economic living conditions in order to preserve and promote cultural traditions;
  • Preserving and promoting land use that is both environmentally friendly and characteristic for the landscape;
  • Promoting environmental awareness among the local population and visitors to the area via public outreach and educational work.