• Ausstellung "Natur erleben & verstehen"
  • Nature Exhibition
  • Ausstellung "Natur erleben & verstehen"

Experiencing and Understanding Nature Exhibition

The exhibition features large-scale photographs and informative texts, and covers the following topics:
•    The Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park
•    Responsibilities and goals
•    Nature
•    Landscape
•    Settlement and cultural history
•    The nature park: an important water reservoir - Protecting the moors of the Erzgebirge
•    Agriculture and landscape management
•    Leisure activities (summer and winter tourism)

The exhibition content is presented on both sides of a folding display (approx. 3 metres wide, 2.5 metres tall and 0.5 metres deep). It is free-standing and must be positioned to allow access to both sides. If this is not possible, the components can be displayed on two frames that can be positioned against a wall. Approximately 6 metres of space is required for this arrangement.


We provide the exhibition free of charge. Supervisory personnel is not required. The exhibition is fully insured by us.

We would be delighted to display this exhibition at your venue as part of our public outreach.

We would be happy to discuss your scheduling options and requirements. Please contact:

Naturpark „Erzgebirge/Vogtland“
Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Andreas Kahl
Schloßplatz 8
09487 Schlettau
Tel.: +49 3733/622106
E-Mail: kahl.naturpark@tira.de