• Ausstellung "Moore an der Grenze"
  • Moors on the Edge Exhibition
  • Ausstellung "Moore an der Grenze"

Moors on the Edge Exhibition

This exhibition draws attention to our moors and their precarious situation.

It is aimed at everyone who would like to know more about moors and is suitable for groups, school classes and individual visitors.

The exhibition presents the many natural and environmental roles of the moors as well as their destruction over the past centuries. A German-Czech project on the ridge of the Erzgebirge is introduced as an example of what can be done to prevent further losses.

Formed of 20 panels, the exhibition covers the following topics:

  • What are moors?
  • The destruction of the moors
  • Why do we need moors?
  • Moors as a habitat for plants and animals
  • Man-made moors
  • Saving our moors
  • Cross-border moor conservation



It is possible to book the full bilingual exhibition free of charge. The 20 roll-up displays are free-standing and printed on one side. They are two metres high and 80 centimetres wide. You can position them in a series or in groups. It is also possible to show just one part of the exhibition if space is an issue.

Saxon State Directorate ‒ DS Chemnitz ‒ Press Office
Matthias Schiefer
Telephone: +49 37 1532 1019

This exhibition came into being as part of a Ziel-3 project and has been jointly produced by the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park, the Saxon State Directorate, the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology, and the Ústí nad Labem Regional Office.