• Bergwiesenprojekt
  • Mountain Meadows Project
  • Bergwiesenprojekt

Mountain Meadows Project

The colourful, scented flowering mountain meadows and mat-grass meadows in the upper elevations of the nature park are witnesses to the historical development of the cultural landscape. Particularly in late spring, local residents and visitors to our nature park can enjoy the many herbs, grasses, insects and birds here. Among the most attractive plants are black and white rampions, cuckooflowers, western marsh orchids, arnica, and white-flowering baldmoney. In summer, attentive observers can spot a wide variety of butterflies, wild bees and other insects.

The mapping of the mountain meadows carried out by the nature park was recognised in the designation process for the FFH areas and their associated biotopes. Together with the landscape conservation associations, use concepts were drawn up for more than 20 individual areas. As in other regions, mountain meadows are in decline due to a large number of threats. For this reason, the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park is working together with conservation authorities, landscape conservation associations and other conservation organisations, as well as with local authorities and farmers, to preserve and develop the flowering mountain meadows and mat-grass meadows.

We and our many partners offer guided walks and excursions that introduce people to the plants and animals of the mountain meadows. These tours are an opportunity to use all the senses to fully experience the mountain meadows. The mountain meadows project also led to the creation of the Kräuterland Erzgebirge tourism brand, which focuses on regional herbs. In addition to the many newly planted herb gardens, this concept includes training for herbal medicine practitioners.