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Eco Camps

Between 2000 and 2015, the Erzgebirge/Vogtland Nature Park, the Oberes Vogtland local branch of NABU and the Vogtlandkreis Nature and Environment Centre organised an annual international eco camp on the Aschberg mountain in Klingenthal.

During this traditional conservation gathering, young people from the 9th grade (equivalent to Year 10 in the UK) and above helped to maintain mountain meadows around Mühlleithen. Besides practical work on the Winselburg arnica meadow, the peatland meadows in Mühlleithen, and the Aschberg itself, the camps included various excursions and presentations so that participants could get to know the western part of the nature park and the Czech region that borders it.

The Chemnitz branch of NABU hosts another traditional eco camp with the support of the local BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) group and the Erzgebirge Conservation Centre at Zechengrund in Oberwiesenthal. Our nature park regularly provides additional support to the camp, which focuses on preserving the exceptionally species-rich mountain meadows.